Lynx Challenge (Defi Lynx) - Lapel Pin Promotion

The Lynx Challenge (Defi Lynx) was a promotion ran by Atari France in 1991 that involved players betting lapel pins on whether they would win in head-to-head game challenges. These pins were included in some French variants of Atari Lynx games and could also be ordered directly from Atari France by presenting a proof of purchase.

During this promotion period a number of Lapel Pin Coffret / Display Cases were also made. Also, see detailed Defi Lynx '100' series Coffret Box Dimensions.

Tournament Cyberball 2072

The French variant of Tournament Cyberball 2072 included this brochure and order card that outlined the rules of the challenge.

Challenge the world of Lynx
The pins of your favorite heroes


The goal: To get the most number of Lynx pins by winning challenges in games against your friends.

How to play:
1. Challenge one of your friends on one of the Lynx games
2. Agree on the number of Lynx pins to bet
3. Both play the game
4. The highest score wins the bet
5. The pins challenge is won when one of the competitors no longer has any Lynx pins to bet

How to get Lynx pins:
1. Play the challenges
2. In specially marked Lynx video game boxes
3. By collecting Lynx pins points published in the press

For more information call 3615 ATARI

Offer valid until 31 December 1991 while stocks last
Lynx Challenge

Atari will be happy to offer you new available game pins. To claim a pin, return in a sufficiently franked envelope:

- this fully completed card
- your proof of purchase (the bottom tab of the box)
- a stamped envelope with 4 Francs bearing your name and address

Send to:

Atari France / Lynx Challenge
79 avenue louis roche 92238
cedex gennevilliers

Atari will send you your pin to the address indicated on the envelope

Paste your proof of purchase here (tab of the box with barcode and name of the game)

Other Competitions

There were other competitions in 1991 that involved these pins and where you could even win a Lynx I console.

Lynx Challenge

There are pins that make you a champion.

Enter the Micro & Co Lynx Challenge from 18 to 21 October, Paris expo Porte de Versailles.

1 Lynx to be won each day

A rare collection of pins, 'Lynx Challenge' to be won during the grand finale on the 21st.

Image and info from AtariAge Forums.

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