Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to

We decided to align the name and purpose of this site so we'll no longer be using This site is purely focused on the Atari Lynx and the name now reflects it.

I want to post a paid article, will you accept it?

We do not accept paid articles as they usually have very poor content and are basically just long winded ads that are not relevant to the content of this site.

I have something to contribute, how do I do it?

Contributions are always very welcome! Please get in contact and we'll discuss further details.

There are other similar sites, what makes this one unique?

As mentioned above, many other sites focus on multiple consoles and don't capture as much detail as Atari Lynx Vault. With a single minded focus on one console, our site should be the #1 destination for all Atari Lynx related information.

What games are included in game database?

The game database covers all of the official releases for the Atari Lynx, as well as aftermarket, homebrew, prototype and unreleased games. It also covers games in current development.

Some game information is incorrect, how can it be updated?

Please get in contact and provide any corrections, this will then be incorporated into the game database.

I have something I want to send you

Donations or items of interest related to the Atari Lynx are always welcome, please get in contact and we'll take it from there!

My question hasn't been answered

Please get in contact, your question/comments will be reviewed and answered as appropriate!


Did we get something wrong or you have something to contribute? Please tell us about it!

We're looking for content editors and maintainers, if you want to help us out, let us know!