Atari Lynx Batman Returns promotional displays

This was a promotional display for the Batman Returns game for Atari Lynx. It was distributed to stores and came with a coupon to get Batman Returns for free when purchasing a Lynx system (as a mail-in offer).

There was another version of the promotional display that had different artwork and a counter that would increment whenever the "signal Batman" button was pressed.

This version came with a Sales Lynx magazine and a letter to the shop manager...

Here's a transcript of the letter...

Dear Store Manager:

Light the Bat Signal for help increasing sales! The enclosed Bat Signal counter card will light up Atari Lynx sales for you!

Look inside your special Batman Returns Kit to find out more about how Atari is helping drive sales in your store.

- Free Batman Returns cartridge offer! your customers get a FREE Batman Returns game with purchase of any Lynx Portable Game System! (See your Sales Lynx newsletter for more information.)

- New pricing! Lower pricing offers a variety of price points to all segments of the market - more sales for you!

- A dynamic, interactive counter display that lets customers signal Batman and become more aware of the Atari Lynx Batman Returns game. Plus a Batman Returns topper to fit above your cash register or on your counter.

- A new Grey Matters Atari Lynx magazine. This magazine features stories on all our games, provides tips and appealing promotional offers.

Yes, it's going to be a hot summer. Atari Lynx has new television commercials...more new games...and more excellent reviews. Your Lynx sales are going to skyrocket!

So get ready for sizzling sales. Read the newsletter. Play the games. Read Grey Matters. Most importantly, be sure to recommend Atari Lynx. After all, Lynx is where the action is!

Thanks for your continued support!

Dana Plotkin
Vice President of Marketing

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Thanks to Zaffin Books for sharing these images.


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