Using a USB to 9V converter for Atari Lynx

Don't want to use 6x AA batteries in your Lynx? This USB to 9V adapter will plug into your Lynx to power it from a USB charger or battery bank. Using a USB hub is not advised, unless you have a powered hub, since the Lynx requires more amps than a non-powered USB hub can provide.

We tested out this adapter and it works really well. If you want to get a hold of one, it's available from the Yastuna Games shop and from the TechnoComa shop. But now let's have a closer look at the adapter...

It uses a "clear" 3D printed case, with a blue LED to show that it's on. The design is simple and straight-forward. You plug one end into a USB power source, and the other end plugs into your Lynx. It's really as simple as that.

It even looks nice when it's not on. We had a Lynx running and using this adapter for power for hours and the device didn't get hot, so it's quite efficient at converting voltage levels required for the Lynx, and won't melt of course. For a quick an easy way to power your Lynx on the go without using 6x AA batteries, this is a very good way to go!


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