Unstable Warpfield LiPo battery addon board for Atari Lynx

Unstable Warpfield LiPo battery addon board is a hardware modification for Atari Lynx model 1 that brings your Lynx power demands up to today's standards. It uses a 10000 mAh LiPo battery to replace the 6xAA batteries that the Lynx needs. The board and the battery fit nicely into the console and you can charge it using USB.

The design is based on the Adafruit PowerBoost 1000c Charger. The PCB lays flat over the Lynx 1 motherboard and even has connectors to power the McWill mod.

The usual Lynx power buttons work as expected. The board will turn on and off with the press of the Lynx power switch.

This is a work in progress design still with the final version being in the works.


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