List of Atari Lynx Modders

This is a list of people and businesses that can install hardware mods to your Atari Lynx. The list has been sourced as a community discussion on the Atari Lynx Fans Facebook Group as well as via discussions with modders themselves. Please reach out to the listed modders directly if you want to engage their services.


K-Retro Gaming - Website | eBay
No mod job is too small or too big. We can recap your Lynx, change the power circuit, install a new screen. VGA and external controller ports can be done or just anything custom that tickles your fancy! We worked with Youtubers and content creators to build modded Lynxes that are unique to their needs.


Nicoco Retro - Facebook | Email

Otaku's Store - Website


Dragon Box - Website


Retro Modzz - Facebook | eBay | Instagram


iFixRetro - Twitter

Ivory Tower Collections - Website | Facebook | YouTube
Specializing in Retro & Vintage Video Game Console Repairs & Upgrades.

Mobius Strip Technologies - Website

MyRetrofix - Website
MyRetrofix is based in Texas and provides a full service - cleaning, recap, power refresh and screen BennVenn mods.

RetroTechRepair - Website | Facebook | Instagram
Retro Tech Repair is based in metro Atlanta, GA with years of video game/computer repair experience.



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