LCD Replacement Mod Kits for Atari Lynx

With an LCD replacement mod kit you can transform your Atari Lynx to look and feel like a modern day console. These kits feature contemporary LCD displays with nice and clear graphics and vibrant colours. You no longer have to turn and twist your Lynx to get the best image! The quality in picture compared to the original is like night and day.

Note: we specifically do not include any copycat Chinese versions of these kits in this listing as they undermine the original developer's creativity, engineering skill and revenue.

There are other mods you can do to your Lynx, see more here - Atari Lynx Hardware Mods.


LCD Mod Kits

BennVenn IPS LCD Screen Kit

An inexpensive, modern IPS LCD screen mod kit for both Atari Lynx models 1 and 2. With multiple scanline options, ribbon cable (solderless on Lynx model 2, requires soldering on Lynx model 1) install, brightness control and VGA output. We have a number of installation guides here.

Where to get

McWill LCD Screen Kit

Not as feature rich and slightly more expensive than the BennVenn version, this was the first LCD mod kit for the Lynx and is still in production.

Install guide: Atari Lynx repair - Part 5 - McWill LCD screen mod installation

Where to get



(Left) McWill Kit (Right) BennVenn Kit
FeatureMcWill LCDBennVenn TFTBennVenn IPS
Lynx 1 SupportYesYesYes
Lynx 2 SupportYesYesYes
Lynx 2 C104129-001 Motherboard SupportYes, with alternative solderingYes, Lynx 1 versionYes, with soldering
Requires Removal of Lynx Power Circuit?Yes (instructions to remove the entire circuit)Yes (instructions to remove a small part of the circuit)Yes (instructions to remove a small part of the circuit)
Built-in Power Circuit Protection [3]NoYesYes, with optional zener diode addition
Improves Lynx Battery LifeNo [1]YesYes
Requires BracketNoYes [2]Yes [2]
Position AlignmentNoYes [2]Yes [2]
Boot BehaviourColour staticWhite bloom, then black screen. Later revisions start up with colour staticCheckerboard pattern, then white screen. Later revisions start up with colour static
Requires SolderingYesNo, except Lynx model 1 and Lynx 2 with C104129-001 motherboardNo, except Lynx model 1 and Lynx 2 with C104129-001 motherboard
Pixel PerfectYesSome smoothingYes
High Colour Images (see note below)No, has flicker and rippingYesNo, has flicker and ripping
Brightness ControlNo, but can be modified to have it [4]Yes [5]Yes
Scan-line OptionYesYesYes
Install Time1hr+15mins (Lynx model 2), ~1hr (Lynx model 1 and Lynx 2 with C104129-001 motherboard)15mins (Lynx model 2), ~1hr (Lynx model 1 and Lynx 2 with C104129-001 motherboard)
VGA OutputYesNoYes
Support ForumNo Yes, DiscordYes, Discrod
Designed InGermanyAustraliaAustralia
AvailabilityNowSold Out, out of productionNow

[1] - Power draw inefficiencies measured for the Atari Lynx McWill mod 
[2] - Using the Atari Gamer bracket with the Benn Venn LCD Mod for Atari Lynx model II
[3] - Lynx's biggest cause of failure is the power supply FET, once the FET dies, it will also fry other components on the Lynx motherboard that cannot be replaced e.g. Mikey/Suzy
[4] -
[5] - Controls are reversed compared to the original screen.

High Colour Images - this display mode is achieved by pausing the LCD screen drawing for a line, changing the colour palette and then resuming drawing the next line. The original Lynx LCD screen was slow to refresh so the flicker produced with this trick is not very noticeable. Modern screens, cannot  work the same way, so the flicker becomes noticeable.



Original vs Modern LCD

These photos are from Adicakes on Twitter. They show off a Lynx with a modded screen (top) vs the original screen (bottom). The image is much more vibrant and crisp on the modded Lynx. Take note though that the original Lynx screen in these photos is in excellent condition and usually the original screen is in a much worse state than this. To see more photos of this mod, see this page - Original Lynx Screen vs Modern LCD Mod Screen.

No Scanlines

BennVenn TFT LCD

With Scanlines

BennVenn TFT LCD

BennVenn LCD Kit Revisions

There are two variants of the BennVenn LCD screen kits - TFT (older) panel version and the IPS (newer) version. The TFT kit is typically not referenced as 'TFT', however the IPS kit is always referenced as the IPS LCD kit.

FeatureRev4Rev5Rev6IPS V1 Rev3
Supports Lynx 1NoYesYesYes
Supports Lynx 2YesYesYesYes
Supports Lynx 2 C104129-001 motherboard revisionNoYes [1]Yes [1]Yes
Requires SolderingYesNo [1]No [1]No [1]
Brightness ControlsYesYesYesYes
Brightness Wheel SupportNoNoYes [2]Yes [2]
Scanline SupportYes [3]YesYesYes
Supports TFT screensYesYesYesYes
Supports IPS screensNoNoNoYes
Has VGA outputNoNoNoYes
Frame locked at 60HzNoNoNoYes

[1] - Requires soldering for the C104129-001 motherboard revision. Brightness control requires soldering a single wire.
[2] - Controls are reversed compared to the original screen.
[3] - Requires installing an additional touch sensor.

Some Revision 6 Kits Incorrectly Labelled as Rev5

Due to an admin error some of the "revision 6" kits have "rev5" printed on them still. However, if you look at the PCB on the back of the LCD, you will see a row of eight through-holes pins above the C7 capacitor (top left in photo), if six of these are not covered by the ribbon cable, you have a "revision 6" kit.


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