Gates of Zendocon Universe Map

Gates of Zendocon is undoubtedly one of the best space shooter games on the Atari Lynx. It brings an amazing variety of levels and enemies, has a load of action, mini bosses and a badass end boss too. There are 52 levels (plus a bonus level) that will keep anyone entertained for hours and sure there are codes you can use to skip to almost any level, but have you wondered what the whole of the Gates of Zendocon Universe looks like?

Wonder no more because you can see it all just below!

Overview Map of the Gates of Zendocon Universe

Get the full resolution map here.

This map shows all of the levels and navigation paths between them. Each level is represented by its 4-letter code. There are a couple of exceptions like the end game level that does not have a code since you are automatically transported to it after beating the ZETA level. Also the bonus level is a combination of 4 spaces, which cannot be entered, but there is a way to reach it (see below).

Each of the levels has 5 possible gate positions (A, B, C, D and E). Their locations are shown in the map just next to the floating space man. Many levels have multiple gates and depending on which gate you take, you can either go the short route or on a trek around the Universe! Gates are depicted by arrows connecting levels and their locations are shown by a letter next to the arrow e.g. BASE → RAZE is via the C gate.

Some of the levels have helpers you can pick up that will shoot enemies for you. Each of these helpers (floating eye, plasma ball, sonic dart, death arising) are shown next to the level where they can be found.

Bonus level - To reach this level you need to go to the TRYX level first. In TRYX, the play area is restricted to the top half of the playing field, but there is a hidden entry that lets you fly through the floor. To access it, put your shields on at the start of the level and move down to kill the tanks. Then start dropping bombs to kill the aliens that start to appear. Eventually you should notice that your bombs are sinking through the floor - this is your hidden entry! Once you go through the floor and clear a few obstacles you will find the gate to the bonus level. Note that the bonus level exit gate will take you to the NERB level, which is technically back-tracking and you could in theory use this loop to play Gates of Zendocon forever (if your fingers survive that long!)

Have fun Lynxing!


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