California Games BMX Map

California Games is a popular game on the Atari Lynx, and on many other platforms. On the Lynx it includes Foot Bag, Half Pipe Skateboarding, Surfing and BMX Bike Racing. The BMX game uses the same 'map' so the key to completing it successfully is not pure skill but also being able to memorise where the jumps, drops and hops are. This is made easier if you can see the whole track, and so, OldAtAtari from AtariAge forums did just that, he's created a map of the BMX track.

We have the full 9000 x 2174 px version of the map in PNG format available for download too.

Below is an eagle eye view of the map...

Full BMX track map from California Games

And here are each of the sections zoomed in on closer...



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