Atari Lynx Model 2 Keys Flex Ribbon Scan

This is the Atari Lynx model 2 keys flex ribbon PCB scan. It's colour coded to show which keys are connected to which tracks. The original image is sourced from DevLynx, a website by Vince. The French version is translated to English with help from Google Translate.



Red        : LED (it is missing on the scan)
Green      : Left (or right in flip mode)
Yellow     : Up (or down in flip mode)
Cyan       : Down (or up in flip mode)
Blue       : Right (or left in flip mode)
Rose       : On (linked to Off)
Dark green : Off (connected to Common)
Brown      : Back Light
Purple     : Option 1 (or option 2 in flip mode)
Khaki      : Pause
Emerald    : Option 2 (or option 1 in flip mode)
Gray       : A
Orange     : B
Black      : Common/Ground

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