Quick Review - Gaming Displays Atari Logo Phone Stand

Gaming Displays has been making some really cool display stands and we've even done a review of their Atari Lynx display stand a while back. They've now started to offer a larger variety of display stands, with mobile phone stands being one of them. Atari Gamer got a hold of their Atari Logo stand and here's a quick review of it.

From the time that we reviewed the Atari Lynx stand, packaging has changed a little. All the parts come in a clear plastic bag, which feels more professional (though we'd prefer to see more environmentally friendly options). As usual some of the acrylic parts have protective layers to peel off. The logo section didn't have any protective layers, probably because they had to be removed for painting the logo on.

Assembly was super simple. Just slide the clear bit into the opaque bit to make a cross. The clear section will poke out the logo section and that's where your phone sits.

The stand is nice, though if you want to use it with a charge cord it does tend to move easily. It's good to have on the desk to prop the phone up, but we'd probably not recommend using it as a charge stand. Still having an Atari logo is a nice touch and it fits in very nice on the desk here at Atari Gamer along with the Lynxes and other Atari items.


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